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The History of Flora
Named after Flora Buzzard by her father the post master at the time, the town thrived for many a year.  People arrived to raise cattle, grow wheat, make shingles and lumber, and provide services to those who worked with the land - smithies, preachers, and teachers.

At one time Flora was a bustling metropolis
At one time Flora was a thriving town
with parades and more.

Flora wasn't a bustling metropolis, but it contained several hundred people in and around the town.


Flora from a distance
Flora from a distance - looking toward the North End Grange Hall.


Then, the town consisted of a bank building, warehouse, two stores, three blacksmith shops, a newspaper, and a dental office, hotel with stable, school, post office, telephone office, doctor's office and milinary shop, flour mill, churches, three shingle mills, and numerous logging companies.

And, no there was not even one tavern in the town.

...Although recently we did hear rumors of a brothel...

Re-roofing the Episcoal-Methodist Church years ago
Re-roofing the Episcopal-Methodist Church years ago.
Church still stands as you approach the Flora School.

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