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Wood Cookstove Cooking:

Your breakfast is fixed on the old wood stove in the kitchen. (Nope, there isn't an electric stove to be found!) You may help, or just watch if you would like. Also, the grinding of flour might need to be done. Help or not as you feel the need.

Children making cookies from scratch.

Soap Making:

From start to finish...  Rendering the fat, setting up to make the lye, and then the combination for the finished product -- homemade soap!  Plus we may add a few herbs and such to make a variety of specialty soaps.  All the soap used at North End Crossing is homemade.

Care and Feeding:

No not for you, but for the animals. The chickens, horses, and all other animals need to be fed and watered before anyone else! Plus the eggs need to be gathered, so you get those farm fresh eggs. You may milk Maggie Moo the cow, if she'll let you... or help separate the cream and the milk if she won't. But of course, that’s only if she has freshened!

(Had to sell Percy, Bess and Sandy. Read the journal for an update! Maggie Moo has come to stay hopefully!)

Butter Churning, Canning, Drying, and Freezing:

Baking happens day in and day out here at North End Crossing.  Join in if you would like, once again using the old wood cookstove.  Canning, drying, and freezing take place generally during the summer and early fall months.  But whatever the time, you may participate if you wish.  Butter churning will start when the milk cow freshens (calves). Or how about making cottage cheese, cream cheese or yogurt? Also, cheese making will be a possibility when we collect all the equipment!

Room With a Loom:

Weave on a loom that is all warped and ready to go.  The loom may be setup for placemats, kitchen towels, or numerous other things.  Help will be given if you are a beginner.  Just ask for this room when you make your reservation -- not all rooms have a loom.  But there is a loom on the front porch for your use!  You may also request a spinning wheel in your room if you would like.  Please inquire when registering.

Cookies From Scratch:

Cookies made from the items you make -- churn the butter, grind the flour, make the vanilla, mix the baking powder, and prepare and/or make the sugar/honey.  you do it all!  Just ask for this when you make your reservation.  Generally this has to be scheduled into your stay.  Please inquire when registering.

Many Other Activities to Enjoy in the Pioneer Way or Not:

Blacksmith, working with the animals, helping to repair the buildngs, fencing, wood chopping (never ending!), gardening, weeding, planning new gardens, restoring the other houses… and the list continues! Join in with what we need to do, or ask that you might do something else… or sit back and relax!

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