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Special Memories in Your Life

Special Times Anywhere

Matilda will take you and yours for a ride on that special occasion.

  • Weddings - Get married at the RimRock Inn overlooking Joseph Canyon, arrive in a horse-drawn carriage with Matilda as your guide (weddings can be arranged for anywhere)

  • During the day, take off for parts both known and unknown...

  • Anniversaries - Or whatever is important to you
  • We come to you, or you come to us
  • Buckboard, seating for two with one more by the driver, ready to take you now. The six-seat vis-a-vis sleigh is decked on in crushed, embroidered red upholstery. Snow or not, this sleigh is ready to go anytime that you are. (No snow, it must be on paved roads.)

    Even though this wedding photo was taken three miles from Flora at the RimRock Inn, the whole entourage (horse, wagon and wagon master) were ready to come to them. Call or email for pricing, scheduling, and more information.

    Special Times At Flora

    During the day, take off for parts both known and unknown,
    or stay with us:

  • help restore the Flora School during work days
  • take a bike ride on back country roads
  • help restore the historic buildings and houses on our place
  • hike regular trails in the area and throughout the county

  • Times For The Future

    Keep a watch out for an old-fashioned wagon train stay. Travel down the road just as the pioneers did in a Conklin covered wagon (originally used on the Oregon Trail)...some riding, some walking. Camp overnight with Dutch oven cooking, singing around the campfire and s'mores.

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