North End Crossing

North End Crossing Barn and Bed

Located on the first floor, Paradise Room is bathed in cool greens just as the original room was when it was either Dr. King's dental office or his reception room. The quilts, handwoven rugs, table and dresser linens and quilted curtains were all handmade for your enjoyment. A dry sink holds your water pitcher and basin for that in-room wash just as they did in the old hotel days.

Although slightly smaller than the other two guest rooms, it does have an electric stove to warm the cold nights. This room sleeps two in a full old-fashioned bed.

Prairie Lost:

Located on the second floor of the Curry House, Prairie Lost has a twist to its name -- Lost Prairie was the actual name of the one-room school. A naturally crackled yellow door opens into a sunny room, where the morning sun peaks through handmade curtains on the east side. Open the south window to get a direct line to the rooster's wake-up call. Well, if we had a rooster right now anyway...

Prairie Lost linens, quilts and curtains were all handmade for your enjoyment.

Wilda's Room, as it is also known, sports a sunny decor to dispel the sad story behind the name.

Promise Room & More:

Also on the second floor, the Promise Room has yet to be finished. Our goal was to set this room right by spring 2007, but we have decided on a more important goal for right now: converting the whole barn and bed setup... house, outbuildings, Powatka Room, everything... to run on bio-diesel. We current run both our vehicles, our room heating all on bio-diesel and we are looking for a diesel tractor to do the same. Look for our "CELEBRATE! CELEBRATE" to be held as soon as we're off the grid! We will keep you posted for sure! (We also put the second bathroom and cistern as top priority, ahead of the third room!)

Bathrooms & More:

Each room has its own pitcher, bowl and homemade soap since a shared bathroom (plus outhouses) serves the whole house.

Currently we are completing the last details on another bathroom with a shower and composting toilet off the back porch, plus we are working on a second half-bath upstairs (composting toilet and wash basin). And to help everything remain clean, we need a cistern to hold enough water to commit to all of the above. Flora has forever been short on water, but from all the record books, the Conley House well has always been the "talk of the town"! We will keep you posted on this too! (By the time this update goes to "print" on the web, the shower bathroom shall be ready for use, maybe not totally complete, but a shower will be ready for you!)

(Remember we still have those outdoor privies!)

All the Rooms:

Each room has its own style with the reflections of the past imbedded in each. A pitcher and bowl set for that early morning wash (Vanessa brings you hot water each morning), a wind up alarm clock should you need it and a hot water bottle add to the charm of each.

Featherbeds are available too, along with nightshirts for the men and long flannel nighties for the women. These old fashioned sleeping garments are specially made for North End Crossing. You can special order adult or children's sizes if you want.

Coins for Bed & Feed:

$70 single occupancy, $85 double; $25 for an extra cot in the room. Sit down to a large pioneer-type, homemade breakfast, with snacks and drinks throughout the day. And, if you're here when we eat, join us for dinner as our guests. But you can also drive on down to the RimRock Inn for a great meal (May through mid-October).

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